The Difference Between Spray & Crème

From treating nappy rash to soothing dry skin, eczema or cradle cap our formula is hypoallergenic and made in Australia from clean and simple ingredients that work!


Nappy Rash Spray - is purpose designed to be a practical solution for on-the-go.

It means you can quickly nappy change, spray and keep moving. No need to rinse, rub or wipe it's a simpler alternative to traditional creams. 

It comes in a slim and compact bottle that fits easily into you nappy bag or change clutch. And can also be used when toilet training by simply spraying some on toilet paper to help wipe a messy toosh. 


Nappy Rash Crème - is designed for those who love a cream but without the sticky gunk all over their fingers.

Its a buttery soft formula and our purpose designed airless jar dispenses just the right amount at each change.

The airless jar is also designed for USE + REUSE + REPEAT and the internal container removes and is washable when finished. 


Our products are made from clean, simple ingredients. Designed to be used within 6 months of opening. If in doubt patch test first. In the event of severe nappy rash we recommend you consult your doctor.