How we make our Spray & Creme

“It was important for us to remain plant-based, and source our ingredients, packaging and manufacturing from Australia. Our ethos is simple. A traditional remedy, modern method” - Sonya Khouri


We dreamt a vision back in 2017. To redesign the way that modern parents tackle nappy change, with natural ingredients and no nasties! And while it may have taken a few years to get it just right, we know it was worth the wait. 


Our team of pharmacists have been making natural skincare in Australia for over 20 years. They have helped us take our crazy idea of a natural nappy rash cream, and transforming it into a practical on-the-go liquid. 

Crazy we know!


All our products are made locally in a Sydney facility. We love that we can see the process, meet the people and watch our MALO products come to life. Our packaging is sourced from local Australian businesses, everything from the bottles to the nozzles.


We love that we have been able to produce this very special blend that is unique to MALO.

We love that it is vegan.

And most of all we love that it is Australian!