How we make our Spray & Creme

“It was important for us to remain plant-based, and source our ingredients, packaging and manufacturing from Australia. Our ethos is simple. A traditional remedy, modern method” - Sonya Khouri


While it may have taken almost 2 years to develop the idea, the team that helps bring our vision to life has been developing skincare in Australia for over 30 years. 

We work with a specialist team out of a local Sydney facility, who help us harness the power of nature and science, to take our crazy idea of an age-old remedy and turn it into the reality of a nappy rash spray. So you can enjoy the convenience of a new way to nappy change, and the comfort knowing the ingredients are natural.

Our dedicated pharmacists have formulated our very own recipe from ingredients we have hand-picked ourselves, bringing the perfect balance of Australian native plants, yummy fruits and nutritious vegetables into a formula we know you will love. 

This blend is then tested to ensure it works, and it is safe from microbial and bacteria, which can naturally occur typically within a home made remedy or think of it similar to food safety and expiry.

We love that we have been able to produce this very special blend that is unique to Malo Bebe. We love that it is vegan. And most of all we love that it is Australian.