6 Of The Best Baby Podcasts:

6 Of The Best Baby Podcasts:

Finding the right podcasts became a sport in my mother’s group. Here i’ve narrowed it down to my most informative, easy listening faves. A great wealth of information, they are perfect for listening to while you work, when you have some time to spare or nights spent nursing.


  1. Australian Birth Stories



This podcast is my number one as it is brilliant for every new parent. Sophie Walker is a mum with a Masters in Public Health and is a wealth of knowledge on Women’s Health. The podcast is a library of women’s birth stories as everyone has their own experience with valuable insights to share, ranging from pregnancy to fertility, to labour birth and postpartum stories.


Listen to Australian Birth Stories here.


2. Babytalk 


Presented by Penny Johnston, this podcast covers a wide array of topics from hypermedia gravidarum to the cost of labour to general parenting insights and stories. It was the baby manual you never thought you needed but boy am I glad that I discovered this gem.


Listen to Babytalk here.


3. The Mom Hour



Meagan Francis and Sarah Powers co-host this weekly podcast that offers much needed practical advice and mother to mother encouragement without the need for comparisons. It’s a podcast that is from real mum’s who have eight kids between them so you know they will talk the talk as they have walked the walk.


Listen to The Mom Hour here.


4. Happy Families


A easily digestible, informative podcast hosted by Dr Justin Coulson, this is brilliant if you just want podcasts that quickly address all of your questions as they are broken down into specific topics with expert advice and simple strategies that you can incorporate into your lifestyle to make family life a lot more happier.


Listen to Happy Families here.


5. The Modern Mommy Doc


Hosted by Whitney Casares, M.D, M.P.H.,F.A.A.P., a Stanford trained, board-certified pediatrician, author and mum of two. This podcast addresses all aspects of life for the modern mum, you will be sure to walk away with invaluable advice that isn’t unattainable, isn’t anxiety provoking with no unrealistic expectations for a perfectly balanced life.


Listen to The Modern Mommy Doc here.


6. Parental As Anything


Hosted by one of Australia’s pre-eminent parenting educators and authors, Maggie Dent, this podcast addresses everything from toddler tantrums to how much screen time is appropriate to practical solutions that face every parent, it is the best podcast for your growing bub and a podcast that helps give you ideas on how you can raise a healthy kid who will thrive.


Listen to Parental As Anything here.

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