Our Story

pronounced: mah / low 
meaning little or small;
a term of endearment referring to that of a baby or small child.
origin; eastern europe


Our Founder Sonya landed herself in a sticky situation during an overseas trip, that would lend her to develop an innovative solution that is now used by over 30,000+ parents worldwide and hailed a "game-changer" by the likes of Eleanor Pendleton (Gritty Pretty Editor).

Hi, I'm Sonya and I'm the founder of Malo. Baby Australia. 

Malo.Baby became a personal journey for me after an experience during an overseas trip in 2017 with my son Joseph (then 4 months old). I was changing Joseph's nappy in his pram, in the middle of a department store, there was no restroom in sight. Here I stood juggling pram, baby and nappy, while my spare hand was covered in sticky nappy cream gunk making it near impossible not to smear it everywhere and create more mess. It was a familiar situation that broke me to tears that day. So, I decided to change that!

I am on a mission to make everyday mum & baby products (such as nappy rash cream) designed for today. And it all started when I created a Nappy Rash SPRAY. Which meant a simple everyday task like changing a baby's nappy, could be done quicker and more efficiently, and also while on-the-move.

This product became so necessary because I learnt that my world didn't stop when I became a mum. If anything, it amplified. Traditional baby products were not designed for parents like me. Parents who are constantly on the move, running from activities to work while juggling parenthood.

Since launching in 2021 so many parents have been able to relate to our mission and I am beyond humbled to know that my product has helped thousands of parents worldwide offering an easy solution to common problems.

At malo.baby our value is to provide no-tox, clean and simple formulas with easy to read labels and ingredients. We proudly pay above award rates to manufacture high quality products in Australia. 


- Sonya Khouri, Founder






malo.baby products are consciously made in Australia under fair work conditions. We pay above industry standard rates to ensure the quality of our products to you.  

Our formula is made from simple, no-tox ingredients that work. No complicated labels & no unnecessary additives. 

Both our Nappy Rash Spray & Creme are multi-award winning products designed to be beautiful & practical for the modern parent.