Our Story

A Message From Our Founder

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Hi guys, thanks for stopping by to say hello :)
My name is Sonya & this is my toddler Joseph, who is the most important driver behind the nappy rash Spray - No Messy Fingers.
I founded this range of clean & practical luxurious baby bum care based on my experience as a modern mum and discovering that changing a nappy almost always occurred at the most random time or place. #whocanrelate?
The single moment that broke me? I will never forget having to change baby Joseph in his pram in a busy store that had no restrooms. Here I was juggling the pram, my handbag, a dirty nappy, and my free hand covered in messy nappy rash cream.
All I could think to myself is

‘what do I attend to first’?!

And why?

Because I had had this experience all too many times. Picture trying to change the nappy of a 4 month old on a airplane restroom 45,000ft above air, in a cubicle that barely fits the baby, let alone me and a nappy bag and a messy handful of baby bum cream. 

In the end, it was the countless number of times that I had thrown out a whole tub of baby nappy rash cream, purely because I wasn't sure if I had double-dipped?

Yes, that's right! Exhausted, over-tired and second guessing whether I had contaminated the whole pot of cream and not wanting to chance putting it on to my little ones bum I simply cannot count the amount of times I threw those tubs out. 
If you're like me, and can relate to any of the above, then you will understand why as a modern mum on-the-go, I spent almost two years developing this simple yet complicated formula to get it just right.
At first I only wanted to develop it because I simply needed something for myself. I was tired of the same experiences over and over again. But as I started using my little remedy out and about, so many mums started stopping me to ask about it, in the family change room, at the park and even at a restaurant. After supplying small batches for family and friends, I figured I was not the only one who thought something needed to change.
Fast forward a few years and here we are, with our original and most popular product, and the reason behind the brand: 
- SPRAY: No Messy Fingers
It was also very important to me that the ingredients were luxurious, vegan and made in Australia. And as our little brand grew, so did our offer based on what mums needed. 


Well that's my story. I'm proud to say I love it and I hope you will too. 

xo Sonya