At Work With Shannon Hayes:

At Work With Shannon Hayes:

At malo. we are so excited to introduce you to Shannon Hayes from Mothers Mylk - we feature inspirational women across business & the baby industry and Shannon is no exception.

Shannon's brand - Mothers Mylk has blossomed into a successful business that stemmed from her personal journey.

Read our interview below:

  1. Could you give us a quick introduction to yourself & what inspired you to start your beautiful business?

Hello! My name is Shannon, I am the co-founder of Mothers Mylk and boy Mum to Hunter & Harrison. Mothers Mylk was born from my own personal postpartum experience. Like many new Mum’s, I struggled with the transformation to motherhood. It wasn’t until I came through the other side of postpartum depression that a light sparked ‘there must be a better way to do postpartum!?’. I wanted no mother to have to go through what I had, but sadly up to 1 in 5 do. I found so many gaps in the level of postpartum care that need filling and so Mothers Mylk was born! It is our mission to support women on their motherhood journey and reduce the rates of perinatal mental health conditions.

  1. How would your kids describe you in a sentence? 

Sometimes the “fun police” but always provides unlimited cuddles and keeps us well fed. 

  1. What does a typical Monday look like at Mothers Mylk?

Monday is our social media planning day and the day we ship out all orders!

  1. As a new mum, what’s been an amazing baby product find? 

Tiny Hearts First aid kid

  1. Looking back, what would have been a great assistance to you on your motherhood journey? 

Hairdresser on the ready to blow wave your hair every morning

  1. What are your Top 5 Must-Have Baby Essentials;

1. Our Postpartum Survival Guide, Nourished Postpartum! (for Mama)

2. 1 litre drink bottle with straw (for Mama)

3. Tinted moisturiser (for Mama)

4. Magnesium powder (for Mama)

5. Love to Dream sleep suit (for baby)

To discover more about Shannon and Mothers Mylk you can check out their Instagram here or visit their website here.

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