The Malo. Guide To A Serene Yet Chic Nursery:

The Malo. Guide To A Serene Yet Chic Nursery:

The initial excitement of creating a comfortable, dreamy and beautiful room for your baby can quickly turn into a “what have I got myself into” scenario.


Malo. founder Sonya shares her top tips to create a serene, non-stimulating yet visually pleasing environment that both mum and baby will love to spend time in.



Sweet Like Willow - Charlie Crane Kumi Cradle


My top tip is to start with a stand out piece that inspires the rest of the room and helps the overall design fall into place.


This Charlie Crane Cradle is beautifully designed as a comforting cocoon for your little one but it’s minimal yet contemporary lines help anchor the focal point of your nursery.


Bunnie Caddie - Cream


A luxe nursery decor item that was created for optimum style and functionality.


It has 9 functional pockets that help divide and organise your products, it fits in enough nappies so they aren’t strewn across your nursery and fits in everything from wipes, to blankets or even your malo. nappy rash spray!


The Memo - Phile Cashmere Baby Blanket


Nothing says luxury like cashmere and as children grow they always have an attachment to their first “blanky”. 


While it is an investment, cashmere is a long-lasting fibre that can keep for up to 30 years, so I consider it like almost incorporating a future family heirloom that not only adds a touch of softness to the space but also is a beautiful keepsake.


The Bebe Hive - Quilted Luxe Play Mat



Your Nursery space will be designed for your baby’s arrival but be sure to keep in mind the design should be easily adaptable as your room grows with your baby.


Neutral colours, ageless elements in furnishings and accessories will work to create an environment that is whimsical yet not overstimulating so that is why we love neutral coloured play mats, they’re double sided and are generously sized so it blends in like a soft furnishing if left out on the floor after play time.


The Lab Organics - Redecker Whale Baby Hair Brush


When creating my son’s baby room, I looked for natural textures and worked in a neutral colour palette that flowed throughout the nursery. I added accents of wood through out and beech wood was my timber of choice as it was golden and refined.


The Redecker baby hair brush is a beautiful yet functional piece, it is german made so the minimal aesthetic matched my own, the brush is made with the softest goat hair so it was wonderful to use but also looked so chic on the nursery table.


Poppet & Me - Bernard The Mini Koala


I didn’t want to cover the walls with canvases or printed wall paper because I knew as my son continued to grow I would forever be changing up the dynamic of the room so I focused on minimal touches around the room but my favourite nursery addition was an organic cotton and wool plush toy my sister gave me as a gift and it was a koala.


My son still has him by his bedside and it was such a cute addition as I didn’t allow millions of toys in the nursery so it became a fond memory of that time.


Malo. - Spray & Creme Bundle



I designed the Malo. creme and spray to fit into a beautifully curated, minimalist nursery that not only looks good on top of the nappy change table but the clean, conscious, Australian derived botanical formulas are at an arms reach at nappy change time.

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