At Work With Malo. Muse Belinda of Bundl:

At Work With Malo. Muse Belinda of Bundl:
When I connected with Belinda of Bundl almost a year ago, there were two things I was certain of; This was a brand of the most beautiful organic wool baby wraps I had ever seen, and Belinda was one of those inspiring Mums that I just had to know more about.
Fast forward months later and I am so excited to interview her and know more about the woman behind the design of the most in-demand Bundl Wool Wrap, and that has drawn an incredible cult following around the world.
You would probably have seen the photos of precious little bubs from all over the world on the Bundl instagram page, wrapped in their Bundl wool wraps & organic blankets. The visual imagery is so beautiful it will send your ovaries into overdrive, and make you wish they came in an adult size! I am truly amazed at how Belinda, a mum of 3 little ones, has managed to create such a wave in the baby wrap market and design one of the most luxurious and practical must-have new baby wool wraps that is in high demand.
I am excited to share more about her story and the important questions like, what led her to create Bundl and what does a typical Monday look like in the Bundl family household.

What's a little piece of you in a sentence?  

I’m a busy mummy of three beautiful kids who can be found at the beach in any spare moment that I get!

What inspired you to start Bundl?

After many years working in the industry and raising my own small children I recognised that there was a gap in the market for an infant wrap that was warm, versatile and easy to use, but also one that was made from natural and organic materials. As a result the idea for the Bundl Wool Wrap was born. It has been a long journey, sourcing the highest quality materials and getting the design spot on to offer our luxurious products.

How would you describe your business ethos in one sentence?

Our aim is to source materials of the highest quality and manufacture natural and organic infant products that are on trend, unique and versatile.

What is your favourite part about running your business?

My favourite part would have to be seeing beautiful babies all over the world in photos with our products. It is such a rewarding feeling that never gets old. I also really enjoy designing new products.

What does a typical Monday look like for you?

Mondays usually involve dropping my son to pre-school then rushing to take my daughter to dancing and then back to finish packing orders from the weekend and get them away to customers. All while looking after my busy little 9 month old.

Mondays can be hectic!

Do you remember your first customer? What do you remember about that moment?

I sure do and it is a moment that I won’t forget!

I was about 8 months pregnant and I remember feeling a sense of relief that all my hard work would pay off. It still warms my heart each and every order that we receive.

What advice would you give another mummy looking to start their own business?

My advice would be to jump in and give it a go. Bundl was a dream of mine for so long and it has been the best feeling to see my dreams become reality. Find your niche product/service and make sure it is something that you are truly passionate about because it takes up A LOT of your spare time. 

If you had to choose; Jeans or Tights?

Hmm that is a tough one. It depends on the day but I try to get to the gym most days so you will usually find me in my active tights it is.

Whats your favourite quote?

‘Set your life on fire. Seek those who fan your flames’ - Rumi


We certainly have enjoyed getting to know Belinda and her incredible brand Bundl Baby Australia. If you are a new mum, expecting mum or looking for the perfect new baby gift, then we highly recommend you check-out the wool wrap. We are also totally crushing on the new speckled range. 



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