What is Nappy Rash:

What is Nappy Rash:

Nappy rash is a super common yet annoying to treat skin condition that affects babies and generally occurs when the skin is exposed to a wet or soiled nappy for too long making the skin red and irritated.


Urine and poo can be acidic and irritation from uric acid and even ammonia combined with friction, bacteria and damaged skin can cause havoc on your babies bottom.



How to tell if your baby has nappy rash?


Nappy rash is easy to spot as the skin can look reddened, sore and inflamed. On babies with a lighter complexion the nappy rash will appear red and blotchy while on babies with darker skin nappy rash will usually look brownish, grey and even purple. 


Be sure to keep an eye out for areas of skin that might be swollen, raised and any breaks or ulcers on the skin.


The areas where skin folds are usually spared as urine doesn’t get into them but in some instances nappy rash can spread up towards the back or the stomach.


How to treat nappy rash?


Nappy rash is a bit of a nightmare to treat as it is in such a sensitive area, dealing with an active baby especially when changing in public is the exact reason that led malo. founder Sonya to create our baby range, an ideal solution for nappy changes in every situation!


Our fool-proof guide as below is tried and tested and comes with a sense of accomplishment once mastered - we always celebrate the small wins at malo.!


Frequently change the nappy:


This helps keep the area clean and dry but importantly gives the skin barrier time to heal.


We recommend you check hourly or so, wet and soiled nappies should be changed as soon as possible.


How to maintain the skin barrier:


Cleaning your babies skin after each nappy change is so important, we recommend gently cleansing the area with warm water and a soft cotton flannel, we formulated our nappy change spray to effectively cleanse the skin, simply spray it on and gently wipe clean with a cloth or even a tissue.


After bathing your baby, make sure to use a soap-free, specifically formulated gentle, fragrance-free wash that doesn’t overtly lather or foam up as they can be harder to rinse off, then pat dry and apply our nappy rash spray to keep your babies skin soothed, smooth and perfect.


Post nappy change:


Once you have changed your babies nappy, cleansed the area and ensured it is dry now you can apply a well formulated nappy rash cream, thick enough that it creates a barrier topically.


We formulated our malo. nappy rash creme with clean, safe and gentle but also reparative ingredients such as the master healer - Zinc, super-antioxidant Kakadu Plum, Sunflower oil for irritation and soothing calendula in an airless jar so the buttery formula is protected from air and dirty fingers - no accidental double-dipping!


Another fantastic tip is to allow the area to air as frequently as possible, plus there is nothing more adorable than a cheeky bare bottomed baby.


When to see a doctor?


If your babies nappy rash isn’t improving after 5-7 days, there are bumps, blisters or flaking, your baby is irritable and can’t sleep, the rash is spreading and scabbing are all reasons to see your physician but as every baby is unique, should you have any concerns always seek your doctors advice first.

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