How To

Both our Nappy Rash Spray & Creme are designed for multipurpose use.


From treating nappy rash to soothing dry skin, eczema or cradle cap our formula is hypoallergenic and made in Australia from clean and simple ingredients that work!


Nappy Rash Spray

Spray a thin layer to clean and dry baby bottom and each nappy change. No need to wipe or rub in, but if you do the silky formula will sink into your skin and won't leave any sticky residue.

Can be used as a wet wipe when toilet training. Spray directly onto toilet paper to help clean child's toosh. No need to rinse or wipe off. 

Suitable for other areas. 


Nappy Rash Crème

Pump once for the right amount at each application. Swipe and apply to clean and dry baby bottom at nappy change. 

Our airless jar is designed for USE + REUSE + REPEAT. When finished the internal white container will be bone dry. Simply remove the internal container and wash with warm soapy water. Dry and replace ready to be refilled. 

Note - our airless jars are designed for our buttery soft crème formula consistency. May not work with alternate creams. 

Suitable for other areas. 


Our products are made from clean, simple ingredients. Designed to be used within 6 months of opening. If in doubt patch test first. In the event of severe nappy rash we recommend you consult your doctor.