The malo.story was born from a personal need for beautiful & practical baby skincare products, specifically a hygienic solution for nappy change on-the-go. 
Our founder Sonya found herself in a sticky situation during an overseas trip that would lend her to develop our innovative product that is now used & loved by thousands of parents worldwide
- The Award Winning Nappy Rash Spray 
" became a personal journey for me after an experience on an overseas trip with my son Joseph (then 4 months old). 
I needed a product that was easy to use on-the-go, so I could change Joseph's nappy and keep moving, without worrying about a whole heap of nappy rash cream gunk all over my hands.
I also needed it to be made from simple, clean ingredients. I hate reading long labels trying to work out what a product is made from. 
So I developed our Nappy Rash Spray, and the rest is history!"
- Sonya Khouri, Founder products are consciously made in Australia under fair work conditions. We pay above industry standard rates to ensure the quality of our products to you.  
Our formula is made from simple, clean ingredients that work. No complicated labels & no unnecessary additives. 
Both our Nappy Rash Spray & Creme are multi-award winning products designed to be beautiful & practical for the modern parent.