Beyond Nappy Rash:

Beyond Nappy Rash:

Ever since starting malo., our founder Sonya has been inundated with messages and reviews from mums worldwide with feedback on how malo. has helped their babies skin but what she didn't expect was all the ways they have used our spray and creme for other uses.

malo. came about when Sonya was travelling and found that nappy changes proved to be an almost impossible task so inventing an all natural, easy-to-apply nappy rash spray and a no-double-dip creme was a strike of genius but what she didn't anticipate was the multiple ways mums (and dads!) would incorporate malo. on-the-go!

Here are our top 6 ways our customers use their malo. products:

1. Neonatal Acne (Baby Acne):

Our Zinc rich formulas can help reduce acne by regulating oil production and reducing inflammation, with mums using the easy to absorb Nappy Rash Spray to help soothe and calm any breakouts.

2. Brittle Nails:

There are a few nail disorders that can affect babies and adults alike and the brittleness of baby nails can be reduced as our zinc rich Nappy Rash Creme can help improve nail health by strengthening, promoting growth and reducing brittleness.

3. Eczema and Psoriasis Treatment:

Our all natural formulas are crafted using only the most soothing and calming ingredients with allergies in mind as they have to be compatible with babies skin, our repeat customers have found both the malo. spray and creme can help reduce the symptoms of eczema and psoriasis by reducing inflammation and promoting healing without the need of cortisones and steroids making it a more healthy choice for your little one or even yourself.

4. Cradle cap:

Cradle cap is a common yet temporary skin condition affecting newborns. Our soothing yet healing combination of pure sunflower seed oil and zinc can help soften, reduce inflammation, nourish and visibly reduce a flakey scalp as soon as it is applied.

5. Insect bites:

This is where malo. is a god-send for babies and adults alike, there is nothing more annoying than coming home from a lovely picnic only to find your little baby or yourself bitten by a pesky mosquito - it is such a common occurrence during Aussie summers that we are constantly reaching for our malo. creme or spray for relief of the itch and inflammation associated with mozzie bites.

6. Wet wipe on the go:

We've all been there, single ply toilet paper in the nappy change room, not a wet wipe in sight and a screaming baby on the nappy change table. Our favourite way to use the malo. nappy rash spray on the go is to spray on some tissue and wipe. Easy!

It is the ultimate two-in-one, a sustainable and simple solution for when you have a messy tush to clean and once your done, know that the ultra nurturing formula works to calm redness and irritation!

Those are our top 6 ways we like to use malo. aside from nappy change time.

We would love to hear how you use malo. in your day-to-day - drop us an email at 

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